commission work

The commission process

We will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind Nikaleona piece. This process includes collaborating together to gather inspiration from your space and previous works of mine to create a visual document incorporating the colours and compositions you have in mind for the work. Remember, no two pieces are alike and for your commission, you are receiving a one-of-a-kind Nikaleona piece.

A few typical sizes options: 30 x 40”, 36 x 48”, 48 x 48”, 40 x 60”, 48 x 60”, 48 x 72”, 60 x 84”. You also may request a different size. I prioritizes large-scale sizes and multiple-piece projects.

You can expect a 3-month turnaround once your application process moves forward.
*Note - not everyone will be guaranteed a commission.*

Please fill out the application below:
for a shipping quote
Please be specific as this will help give us the most accurate vision for your commission. Please include colour preference, previous work of Nikaleona's that you like (please link below), and information about you/your space that will offer insight. You can include the location you hope to put the piece.
You can attach a link to any of my previous work to help give context for what youre looking for.
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